I am an artist located in Galveston, Texas. I love living on the coast. I am surrounded by such breathtaking landscape and wildlife. I do oil paintings on stretched linen or cotton canvas and prepared wooden panels.

I find complete joy in creating works of art. I find it both exhilarating and relaxing delving into a world that I have begun to depict on what was once a blank canvas. This world becomes my own, only limited by my imagination. When deciding what to paint I like to look past obvious beauty to find it in the most unlikely of places. I like to celebrate the marks people make on the world. I treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, and the ordinary. I find beauty in a battered old porch, an abandoned alleyway lined with shadows, in a bird sitting on a telephone wire or in the marks on an old man's face sitting alone in a diner. I like to capture fleeting moments in time that mark not only where we have been, but where we would like to go. For me a successful painting is one that creates an emotion and transports me to another place and time.

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Mock & Moore Gallery

Address:   2215 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX 77551

Phone:  713-679-8509


Hours: Tue - Sat:  11am - 5pm, Sun:   2:30pm - 6:30pm

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